Vee Rangah


Vee Rangah

Specialize in Relocations

I grew up in a village town of Chishawasha, in Zimbabwe. I remember living in our modest little huts, it was home for us. We were very proud of our homes and surroundings. The floors in the huts were just dirt, l remember we used to spread and smear cow dung on the floors to make a coating cover from dust. Your situation today might not be as humbling or dungy. I am here to share with you one thing that we all have in common as a reflective quality in people; The Love Of home. Over the years l have traveled around the world and embraced many homes with their unique cultural stamp set embossed with the same sheer spirit of home. As a Realtor, l will help you buy or sell your home, l am motivated by my desire for every person to have a place they can call home.

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